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Started to learn a foreign language, but need to verify your texts by native speakers?
You can enter your text at and native speakers will correct your grammar and provide a spoken version!
Help other users to check their texts in your native language or language that you know!

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мой городn0mad

Прошлым летом было очень жарко, а теперь очень холодно, минус пять градусов. Сейчас январь, часто идет снег. Мелилья мой родной город, главная улица широкая и шумная. Здесь есть и дорогие гостиницы, и рестораны и театры и дискотеки. Которого у нас нет это метро. Я живу в Мадриде почти целый год. У Мадрида есть метро, оно очень просторное и свежее. Мадрид ... >>>
language: Russian, tags: Русский
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correction by larissa

Grammar exercisesLiliya 1229

1. English is spoken in many countries. 2. Coins are collected by numismates. 3. My friend is interested in music. 4. Last year this computer game was played by more people than now. 5. Look, a new monument is being built now!.6. Very important information had been lost before you saved it. 7. It w as done two days ago. ... >>>
language: English, tags: grammar
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correction by adidkovsky


Laura parla italiano. Anch"io parlo italiano. Laura studia medicina. Anch`io studio medicina. Laura preferisce la cucina mediterranea. Ancho`io preferisco la cucina mediterrana. Laura viaggia molto. Anch`io viaggio molto. Laura fa le vacanze al mare/ Anch`io faccio le vacanze al mare. Laura va spesso a teatro. Anch`io vado. >>>
language: Italian, tags: Русский
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correction by trampemporium , correction by eruname

 Форма глагола - упражнениеlarissa

Il postino porto la posta. Il pittore dipinge quadri. Lo scrittore scrive libri. Il cuoco prepara da mangiare. Il musicista suona chitarra. Il calciattore gioca a calcio. Il regista gira i film. Il giardiniere cura il giardino. Il meccanico ripara le macchine. La guida turistica accompagna i turisti. >>>
language: Italian, tags: Русский
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[correction by Matt7 + Get a spoken version of your text! ], [correction by eruname + Get a spoken version of your text! ]

PLEASE HELP CORRECT MY FRENCH ESSAY ( words in parentheses means i dont know what the word is) ajwood755

Cuisine de Français Beaucoup personnes croire cette la cuisine français a toujours été magnifique, mais cette ne pas vrai. Dans le moyen-âge cuisine de français typique était médiocre. La cuisine français consistait de conservée nourriture était peu de épices ou variété. Mais, dans la ( fifteenth centry) culture et prospérité était croissance dans Italie. Italien chefs commencé à créer pâtes ... >>>
language: French, tags: French Homework Help
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correction by

Grammar exercisesLiliya 1229

1. If I had been you, I wouldn't have said what you said yesterday. 2. If Jane had known that Tim didn't have much money at him, she wouldn't have allowed him to pick up the tab. 3. You are so lazy, my friend! If you don't work hard, you'll fail at the exams in June. 4. If she had ... >>>
language: English, tags: grammar
processing: 0, ready corrections: 2, remains corrections: 0
correction by adidkovsky , correction by ajwood755

Pollition is the most important world wide problemm0nstr0

Nowadays, the environment is being polluted by the big number of trash produced by people. Pollution is the most important world wide problem which does a serious health harm to all living things around the world. Over the last few decades, the industry has made a great leap in development that let create a lot of different outputs and invent ... >>>
language: English, tags: English
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correction by ajwood755

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Hello! My name is Dmitry Lopatin. I've created
in 2009 to help everyone who learns foreign languages.
I'll be happy to see you as my friends in Facebook:


Learning to write and speak a foreign language correctly requires having somebody to correct your grammar and usage errors. Otherwise you may learn a substandard version of the language with deep-rooter mistakes and incorrect usages that are hard to get rid of.

A popular and tried-and-true way to learn languages involves writing texts in a foreign language on a daily basis and reading them aloud to a native speaker, who will correct any mistakes.

Native speakers or language professionals will review your text and correct all errors of style or grammar free of charge. You can also request a sound recording of the spoken version of your corrected text that will let you hear the subtleties of pronunciation by a native speaker.


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