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Started to learn a foreign language, but need to verify your texts by native speakers?
You can enter your text at and native speakers will correct your grammar and provide a spoken version!
Help other users to check their texts in your native language or language that you know!

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 IELTS -writing tasknicla84

Television is one of the best inventions of the last centuries. It allows people to be updated about what happens al over the world, it gives awareness about worldwide problems, about information. At the beginning, my grandparents used TV not only for informationbut also for entertainment: they used to watch films, shows with all family united in the evening. Tv ... >>>
language: English, tags: IELTS
processing: 0, ready corrections: 0, remains corrections: 3

 Describing graphs/charts,...naticic

The chart illustrates how London's citizens' choice of four different transport modes changed from 1960 to 1980 and 2000. It is clear that in 2000 people started privileging cars over the tube, trains and buses. In 1960 Londoners seemed to take rather the bus to work (39 % of them driving by bus) than driving their own cars (just over ... >>>
language: English, tags: IELTS graph description urgent
processing: 0, ready corrections: 0, remains corrections: 3

 Bar graphkatecarrillo

The bar graph gives an overview about the activities, which 5 – 14 years old boys and girls do in their free time. Overall, it can be seen that “watching TV” is the most popular leisure activity among the young people. (40) 80% of the interviewed boys are fond of computer games,meanwhile only 60% of the girls considered herself as ... >>>
language: English, tags: IELTS Descripcion bar-graph
processing: 0, ready corrections: 0, remains corrections: 2

 IELTS academic writing – task 2desweet77

Task Write about the following topic: Some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than a help in today’s world. Others feel that they are such indispensible tools that they would not be able to live or work without them. - In what ways are computers a hindrance? - What is your opinion? Give reasons for your answer and ... >>>
language: English, tags: essay computer IELTS
processing: 0, ready corrections: 1, remains corrections: 2
correction by Nhan Pham
 Describe the trends on the line graphdrxox

The graph below shows the number of library books read by boys and girls at Starmouth Schooll from 2006 to the present. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features , and make comparion where relevant. [Link of the graph image] Answer: The graph gives information about how many books in library have read among boys and ... >>>
language: English, tags: IELTS writing describe task 1 line graph summarise
processing: 0, ready corrections: 0, remains corrections: 1

 Ielts writing taskDafnina

The two maps give informations about the changes in the island morphology before and after the construction of some tourist activities. In the first map, we can see a very small island of about 250 meters in length. This island is very bare, with just two bunches of palms scattered over it. The second map shows how human activity has ... >>>
language: English, tags: IELTS map description
processing: 0, ready corrections: 0, remains corrections: 1

  IELTS letter for response to an advertisementvvvravindra

Dear Sir, When I was browsing a local advertisement newspaper yesterday , I came across your advertisement and I would like to take a few skiing classes from you. I am a tourist from USA and I have been staying here since last 1 month . I came here for a holiday for 2 months and I am planning to ... >>>
language: English, tags: IELTS
processing: 0, ready corrections: 0, remains corrections: 1


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Learning to write and speak a foreign language correctly requires having somebody to correct your grammar and usage errors. Otherwise you may learn a substandard version of the language with deep-rooter mistakes and incorrect usages that are hard to get rid of.

A popular and tried-and-true way to learn languages involves writing texts in a foreign language on a daily basis and reading them aloud to a native speaker, who will correct any mistakes.

Native speakers or language professionals will review your text and correct all errors of style or grammar free of charge. You can also request a sound recording of the spoken version of your corrected text that will let you hear the subtleties of pronunciation by a native speaker.


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