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Started to learn a foreign language, but need to verify your texts by native speakers?
You can enter your text at and native speakers will correct your grammar and provide a spoken version!
Help other users to check their texts in your native language or language that you know!

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XXX Address: Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation Telephone number: xxx Email id: xxx Career Objective To acquire the position of xxx and utilize my knowledge and skills to manage multiple projects Educational Qualifications • Specialist's Degree in Finance, Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, 2010 (GPA - 4,49, 5-point scale) • Extension courses "The School of investment management", The Higher ... >>>
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Hello, my name is Alex. It is necessary for me to edit my CV. Objective A challenging and rewarding position as Category Manager. Summary of Achievements • Successful experience of sales development in FMCG • Strong background in business planning, sales, marketing and staff development • Diagnostics, restructuring and business optimization experience for the profit maximization purpose • Start up ... >>>
language: English, tags: job cv resume
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Vanessa Sánchez started her professional career in Hairstyling & Makeup at age 15, in her beautiful hometown Barcelona. Since then she has continued to hone her skills in beauty salons across Barcelona, Madrid & London. At the age of 21 she opened her own salon in Barcelona. Some years later, she decides to continue doing what she did best, but ... >>>
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Work in the international humanitarian organisation. Estimation of an agrarian situation in establishments. The organisation of industrial activity for access improvement to the earth and increases of autonomy of these establishments. Active participation in gathering and the analysis of the information for development and program improvement. The help to establishments in search of ideas for working out business - plans ... >>>
language: English, tags: resume
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Currently I am a student of the 5th year of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, department of accounting, analysis and audit. In my opinion, my department provides an excellent base to work in your company. The knowledge gained during my training, can be claimed in your company, in this case I consider the possibility of ... >>>
language: English, tags: cv resume
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please correct my cover letterrina zelenaya

Please accept my resume as an application for the office-manager position. In my attached resume, I provide information about my study and work experience in sphere of communication.For example i was working in Mobile directory service" Info 300" as an operator and administrator of database and also in "Spectrum Vision" official representative "Jonson and Jonson" company as a hot line ... >>>
language: English, tags: resume
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correction by Simon

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Learning to write and speak a foreign language correctly requires having somebody to correct your grammar and usage errors. Otherwise you may learn a substandard version of the language with deep-rooter mistakes and incorrect usages that are hard to get rid of.

A popular and tried-and-true way to learn languages involves writing texts in a foreign language on a daily basis and reading them aloud to a native speaker, who will correct any mistakes.

Native speakers or language professionals will review your text and correct all errors of style or grammar free of charge. You can also request a sound recording of the spoken version of your corrected text that will let you hear the subtleties of pronunciation by a native speaker.


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