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Started to learn a foreign language, but need to verify your texts by native speakers?
You can enter your text at and native speakers will correct your grammar and provide a spoken version!
Help other users to check their texts in your native language or language that you know!

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 Spaces and exchanges lrnt1414

To conclude, there are many misadventures like to be homsick, the lack of family and to not success integrating in society. >>>
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 a pros and cons essaysylwiap25

In contemporary world, for teenagers, the most popular way to talk with parent on distance is call to him by a cell phone. Young people often need a quick advice and this way is the most popular to communicate. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon. On the one hand this is the most comfortable and by far ... >>>
language: English, tags: essay highschool
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 der Brief von Motivationsstarling

Ich habe immer für Iranistik Interessiert, deshalb wählte ich persische Literatur als mein zukünftiges Studium an Universität. Die Begeisterung immer mehr über die Geschichte und die Kultur meines Landes zu erfahren, ermutigte mich zahlreiche Bücher mit Ausnahme der Ressourcen für die Kurse) in der Universität zu lesen. Ich habe mich mit Werken von vielen berühmten Historikern wie abdolhosein zarrinkoob, mohamad ... >>>
language: English, tags: motivation Der Brief Deutschland
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 The perfect guide booksilvia313

A guide book is a book of information about a place, designed for the use of visitors or tourists. It will usually include full details relating to accommodation, restaurants, transportation, and activities. Maps of varying detail and historical and cultural information are often included. Different kinds of guide books exist, focusing on different aspects of travel, from adventure travel to ... >>>
language: English, tags: holiday tourism guide book perfect brochure tips
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  My townQahsi

What is your town like? Ich wohne in einem Dorf westlich von London. Es ist klein. Sie hat nur 45.000 Einwohner und ist umgeben von Landwirtschaft und Wäldern Wir haben auch einen schönen See, welcher im Sommer eine große Attraktion ist, und viele Turisten machen hier dann Urlaub. Ich lebe gern hier, da alles was ich brauche dicht dran ist ... >>>
language: English, tags: town
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Quand il fait beau, j'aime faire du shopping aux magasins avec ma soeur ou ma mère- Ça dépend de où nous allons en vacances. Mon père et moi aimons jouer les jeux de société s'il avait fait mauvai, et il y a quelques années nous avons joué tout la journée! Aussi, quand il y avait du soleille, j'adore aller a ... >>>
language: English, tags: Holidays. GCSE
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 Cover lettergm

I am an italian chemist looking for a job experience here in Aberdeen. I have a previous experience of three years as a waiter in an high-end restaurant with an excellent review in Michelin guide. During my experience I have learnt to provide a high standard of customer service, to prepare buffet and table for normal service and special events ... >>>
language: English, tags: Cover letter
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Hello! My name is Dmitry Lopatin. I've created
in 2009 to help everyone who learns foreign languages.
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Learning to write and speak a foreign language correctly requires having somebody to correct your grammar and usage errors. Otherwise you may learn a substandard version of the language with deep-rooter mistakes and incorrect usages that are hard to get rid of.

A popular and tried-and-true way to learn languages involves writing texts in a foreign language on a daily basis and reading them aloud to a native speaker, who will correct any mistakes.

Native speakers or language professionals will review your text and correct all errors of style or grammar free of charge. You can also request a sound recording of the spoken version of your corrected text that will let you hear the subtleties of pronunciation by a native speaker.


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