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Started to learn a foreign language, but need to verify your texts by native speakers?
You can enter your text at and native speakers will correct your grammar and provide a spoken version!
Help other users to check their texts in your native language or language that you know!

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  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.Furion273

Do you remember your favourite theacher? Some people found their best teacher in school, some people found their best teacher at the university. However there is a big part of people whose favourite teachers are parents. All people meet a lot of teachers from nusery-school to university, but parents are those people who support your all your live. I am ... >>>
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 a pros and cons essaysylwiap25

In contemporary world, for teenagers, the most popular way to talk with parent on distance is call to him by a cell phone. Young people often need a quick advice and this way is the most popular to communicate. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon. On the one hand this is the most comfortable and by far ... >>>
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Man's mind is his basic tool of survival. Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged” Thought has always been a major force in developing the civilization, and the exact sciences such as mathematics, physics, and informatics are the apogee of human thought. They are the product of pure logic, which does not tolerate contradictions. Such ideas are fully expressed in Bertrand Russell’s A ... >>>
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 Studying abroad: what it takes and what it means. AlessiaL.

Probably every university student knows the word “Erasmus”. This well-known among university students word refers to the experience of spending a year or less abroad. Some of them are fascinated with it, some other are totally untouched by it. However, it is undoubtly one of the most important and rich opportunity that university programs offer. Certainly, it is not an ... >>>
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The philosophy of my life includes two phrases “I must do it myself” and “No difficulties- no development”. And maybe this harks back to the fact of my being the eldest son in family, and I was being raised as leading echelon and supporter in the future for my little brother and sister. So I had to early become self-consistent. ... >>>
language: English, tags: English essay Statement of purpose
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  Plese correct my essay

“A tree is beautiful, but what’s more, it has a right to live; like water, the sun, and the stars, it is essential.” (Anton Pavlovich Ckekhov) Many people around the world have different opinions on deforestation; the positive side is that it leads to economical development by creating useful products or infrastructure. However, many of them never actually tried to ... >>>
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 My futureFatma

Dans/à l'avenir-Je voudrais devenir psychologue pour les adolescents. J'étudierai (article) biologie et (article) phycologie. Si j'ai de bonnes notes j'irai à l'étranger pour obtenir une licence.Je serai à/une psychologue pour les adolescents. je veux être un psychologue de l'adolescence parce que je veux les aider et leur donner des conseils et de la motivation. je veux travailler au Koweït parce ... >>>
language: English, tags: future essay Français writing french my IGCSE year 10 year 10 speaking
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Learning to write and speak a foreign language correctly requires having somebody to correct your grammar and usage errors. Otherwise you may learn a substandard version of the language with deep-rooter mistakes and incorrect usages that are hard to get rid of.

A popular and tried-and-true way to learn languages involves writing texts in a foreign language on a daily basis and reading them aloud to a native speaker, who will correct any mistakes.

Native speakers or language professionals will review your text and correct all errors of style or grammar free of charge. You can also request a sound recording of the spoken version of your corrected text that will let you hear the subtleties of pronunciation by a native speaker.


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