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Conventions about protection of human rights and basic freedoms

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About infringement of my rights definite Conventions about protection of human rights and basic freedoms

The Ukrainian state, which ratified the Convention about protection of human rights and basic freedoms, including the Protocols No 1, 4, 6, 7, and which was commited oneself to respect human rights and to guarantee to each, who is found under its jurisdiction, rights and freedom definite in section 1 of this Convention, has breaked the basic rights of this Convention in relation to me, namely: article 12, article 31, article 64, article 91, article 101, article 111, article 136, article 141, article 177.
The Approval of the Supreme Court of Ukraine from 5 and December 6, 2007 (case No 6-19767св07 and case No6-19767ск07) breaks the international commitmens of Ukraine.
Especially as on October 26, 2007 the Supreme Court of Ukraine has established, that an "appeal is given with observance of term on the appeal".
I was the first in Center of child's and youth creation, who entered to a new trade union, I belonged to the first 11 members of Free trade union of the teachers of district, which was headed by Khikhlukha Svetlana Ivanivna (now chief of department of education of Horodnya district state administration). Earlier she, inviting me to the Free trade union of the teachers, considered me an authoritative man.
Deputy head of Horodnya state administration Zhadchenko Andriy Nikolayevich before the appointment for this post nor hesitated under my surname to go in Kiev on seminars of trade-union activists. On his table stood the table-board "Khmelenok". Still then an American missionary gave the elements of the new approach to trade-union struggle: "That to show the force, choose the weakest and finish of him". Only later our family understood, that Robert Filding’s words, written down by my wife, become the best learnt lesson Andriy Zhadchenko’s and Svitlana Khikhlukha’a in savage reprisal above me after my appearance on session of district council.
Before I suited all, and for these two years I grew in a lazy person, a truant and an irresponsible man.
They treated with me, humiliating my honour, advantage and business reputation, reminding me about my second-rate. They have made from me the malicious infringer of discipline, which does not execute the official duties, which hides the pedagogical problems for political.
To abolish my right on work, behind my back was organized a humiliating inspection of my workplace on presence of a bed and toilet, although in one document in relation to me there is no even a hint about a total loss of my ability to work, on what the deputy head of Horodnya district state administration A. Zhadchenko and the chief of district department of education S. Khikhlukha repeatedly insisted.
The inquiry of deputy head of Horodnya district administration Andriy Zhadchenko, why Khmelenok till now works and why to him are paid the sick-lists, and also the fact of the appeal Zhadchenko’a to the public prosecutor of Horodnya district with the requirement "to give a legal estimation to actions of the officials of central district hospital by granting the annual information by results passing of medical examination; to give a legal estimation to actions of the employer if he knew about the total loss of work capacity Khmelenok’s or to actions Khmelenok’s, if the given information was hidden from the employer" is none other than a prosecution and a discrimination of the invalid.

Even my stay on hospital (83 days for a year) the administration of Horodnya district department of education and Centre of children's and youthful creativity considers as a crime and low executive discipline. It that the most part of these sick-lists was because of persecution me on job, about what there are documentary confirmations.
I am an invalid from childhood. I have higher pedagogical education, have graduated the Minsk state university of foreign languages with a first-class honours degree, am conducting run circles in German, English language, earlier conducted Euroclub in Horodnhya Centre of children's and youthful creativity. To September 1, 2006 I worked as teacher of German language in Horodnya high school No 1, since September 2006 the administration of Centre of children's and youthful creativity have discharged me without warning. I am a deputy of four convocations in Horodnya district council from Communist party of Ukraine.
I have mastered to perfection the computer and use it in my job.
For my job I was repeatedly rewarded with certificates of good work and conduct, diplomas of district and regional departments of education; my work experience was studied by institute of advanced pedagogical studies and was spread among the teachers. I have written and publisched in university publishing house two courses of German language, another textbook on which I have the solid review is ready for printing, and some manuals. My recommendations to the program and textbooks of German language are taken into account by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. In 2003 I took second place in regional competition of pedagogical skill.
My schoolboys Galina Burenok and Michael Havko became the students of German universities. The student of the 6th form, Katerina Kovalenko, which studies at school only English, took second place on an olympiad in German language for the 8th class. The most active schoolboys, which also take part in the German cultural centre, were repeatedly rewarded by the deeds of Association of Germans of Ukraine for active participation in life of children's camps with study of German language.
About me wrote the newspapers "Holos Ukrainy", "Silski visti", "Desnyanska pravda", "Hart", "Noviny Horodnyanshchiny", "Chernigivski visnik" etc. V. Atroshenko, being the folk deputy of Ukraine from "Our Ukraine", in his appeal from 10.07.2002 to the head of Chernigiv regional administration characterizes me "as a very talented teacher with an active vital position ".
But after my secession from "Free trade union", especially after my critical appearance on session of Horodnya district council they have begun to persecuite me: to humiliate my honour, dignity and business reputation, to call in question my professional abilities.
The office employee Andriy Zhadchenko says to me: "You are a total disablement person ".
Deputy head of Horodnya district state administration Andriy Zhadchenko and chief of a department of education of Horodnya district state administration Svitlana Khikhlukha have made in respect of me actions, which break my rights and freedom, creating obstacles for realization of my rights, freedom and satisfaction of interests. They demanded from subordinated persons, in particular from the doctors, performance of the duties, not stipulated by the law.
February 1, 2006 I was challenged to the medical commission in regional polyclinic: the chief of district department of education "insisted on revision of the conclusion of medical examination ... for the purpose of specify labour recommendations recognized by medical social expert commission".
In spite of the fact that I did not appeal behind creation for me of the special conditions as to the invalid and actively proved it, they have organized March 3, 2006 a humiliating inspection of sanitary conditions of my job (presence of a bed, toilet on my workplace) that to laugh once again over me.

The humiliating inspection of my workplace behind my back with active participation of the chief of Horodnya district department of education Svitlana Khikhlukha on presence of a bed and toilet was aimed on a cancellation of my right on work.
Deputy head of Horodnya district state administration on humanitarian matter Andriy Zhadchenko has appeal on Horodnya district state administration behalf to polyclinic with inquiry, what illness I have and why I work having group of disability. Having leaded astray the medical workers, as if I have appeal for creation of the special conditions for me as for the invalid, he tried to induce them to disclosure of medical secret. On my protest against intervention in my personal life the deputy head of Horodnya district state administration Andriy Zhadchenko set put oneself right with his desire "to help" me as invalid. Nobody has taken an interest, whether I need such "help", as a result of which I have twice come in hospital.
The purpose of the collection and use of the confidential information about my condition of health is obvious: under the pretence of anxiety about my health Andriy Zhadchenko and Svitlana Khiklukha encroached on my rights and freedom, tried to limit my right on work. And after that they speak about any help and humanity!

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