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School No. 2

Hi! We are from Ukraine. We live in a small town of Gorodnia, Chernihiv Region. We are the students of local school №2. We like to learn foreign languages and speak English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. Of course we want to have friends all over the world. We are interested in the history of our native country and our native town. You are welcome to our site!
To begin with we want to tell you about our local school. It’s one of the historical places in our town.
The history of our school began in 1946. First, it was a primary school, which had only two forms. In those difficult and hungry time the first school head master was Dovgal Mykhailo Serhiiovych and the first teachers were Brahida Maria Hnativna and Pavlenko Maria Pavlivna. Since 1948, it has become a seven-year teaching school with 200 children.
Then in different times the school was headed by Motsar Serhii Maksymovych, Fedchenko Mykola Ivanovych and Panitkin Vitalii Hryhorovych.
A new beautiful four-storied building was opened in 1990.
Now 79 teachers are working at our school: 39 of them are the specialists of the higher category, 19 are the specialists of the first category, 11 of them have the second category, 10 are the specialists. We have 5 teacher-methodologists, 5 senior teachers, 8 the Honorable teachers of Ukraine. The middle age of our teachers is - 43,2 years old. Since 1995, the head master of the school is Smoliar Hryhorii Leonidovych.
During 2005-2006 school year the pedagogical staff has been working over the problem "The improvement of the teacher’s skills in the pedagogical providing (maintenance) of personality-oriented development of pupils’ capabilities ".
We are proud of our school-leavers because 250 graduators have finished school with gold and silver medals. There are many scientists, doctors, teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences among them.
Now 886 students are studying at school. They are trying to keep the traditions which were established by former generations of school-leavers.

Through sloes - to the stars
Last year during spring vacations the 43d All-Ukrainian Olympia of young chemists was held in Lutsk. Maksym Haidak, the pupil of the 8-b form of our school, took part in it and came back with the diploma of the first degree. The Olympiad provided three rounds: two theoretical and one practical. Maxim showed one of the best results and received 87,25 points from 145 possible.
Congratulations, Maksym! So to hold!
In spring of 2005 the International fund «Ukraine 3000» announced the beginning of All-Ukrainian competition of children’s creation «My future Ukraine». Olena Detina, the student of 9-A form of our school took part in that competition and was the winner in the nomination «Prosaic works». Her story «Annushka from the future» published in the magazine «Svit dytiachykh bibliotek» enjoyed wide popularity.
The main character of the story Olenka, a modern schoolgirl, unexpectedly meets Annushka, the girl from the future. She lives in 2055. The girls find a common language and Annushka tells about Ukraine in the future.

Another famous event in the life of our school was the opening of the plaque devoted to the memory of those who died in Afganistan. Two our former school-leavers, captain Oleksandr Minokhov and senior lieutenant Volodymyr Shevchuk, fought bravely showing courage and heroism and gave their lives in that war.


Ms. Gorodnia-2006
The holiday of youth and beauty was held on the 23d of September, 2006. We elected the most beautiful girl of our city. 16 beauties took part in this event.
The Competition of "Ms. Gorodnia" consists of four parts:
• Greeting - participants told briefly about themselves.
• Violinists - girls demonstrated the understanding of playing the violin.
• Bikers - tender and beautiful girls were reincarnated in cruel bikers.
• Show in evening dresses grew into a real ball for charming princesses.
All the participants have successfully passed the tests, showed not only their fine appearance but also communicative skills, virtuosity (artistry) and erudition. The title of "Ms. Gorodnia" was won by Marina Serenok, our schoolmate.
We congratulate her on this victory and wish success in the future.

Chernobyl by children's eyes

It is difficult to forget the days of Chernobyl tragedy, in spite of the fact that twenty years have passed since that time. Being the nation extremely strong by the spirit, the Ukrainian people have managed to overcome difficulties of April, 1986 and estimate the Chernobyl tragedy as a severe lesson of life. Recent events have brought Ukraine a world recognition. Now our country is known in the world as a country of successes, but not tragedies. At the same time any event is an integral part of our history, and we should not forget it.
With extraordinary attention and interest the members and workers of our club had an opportunity to enjoy pictures at the exhibition "Chernobyl by children's eyes ". The pupils of our school have sent them to the editor of the newspaper "Narodna Volia " Mr. Nicolas Duplyak (Screnton, Pansilvaniya, the USA). In spite of the fact that children personally have not gone through terrible days of tragedy, they very really and sensitively could display (represent) all difficulties of those terrible days in the works of art. It was appreciable, that those tragical days will not be erased from memory of rising generations.

Wonderful addition to the first part of the exhibition was other exhibition under the name "My dear Ukraine, my native star land! " In it children of the same artistic
group of Gorodnya school under the direction of Mrs. Valentina Khmelenok represented (displayed) their feelings about the present and the future of our Mother Ukraine. It was pleasant to observe, that the rising generation sees their Motherland flowering (blossoming), smiling, full uplift and cheerful (vigorous) mood. If our children - our future - see Ukraine such, it remains only to believe that they will build it just the same.
We truly grateful to the young artists, which inlaid a soul in the artistic works, that represent history, present and future of Ukraine. The future of our Motherland is in your reliable hands - so, all the best to you in your not easy, but extraordinarily important work.
Tanya Dashkevich (Rochester, USA) "Credit Union Opinion", No 194

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