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I apt for going further in my studies at the TUM as its values appeal to me. Firstly, it is commitment to interdisciplinary research for the good of the society. I personally see interdisciplinary approach being essential to address the problems of modern science that are getting more complex with time and thus can’t be resolved without combining the approaches of two or more disciplines. In addition, interdisciplinary collaboration results in more information given back to the various disciplines involved. Secondly, community involvement of TUM allows the research done at TUM stay relevant to the demands of the society and, consequently, research results in finding commercially viable solutions to the problems.
TUM offers an interdisciplinary study, which cannot be found in my home-country, as sustainability is still of no issue here. Deriving unique knowledge and professional specialization during the sustainable resource management program I aim to advance at pursued branch, namely, environmental consulting. It is clear to me that energetics in my home-country need much improvement in terms of efficiency and special management skills are essential to implement numerous high-tech inventions that have already been made by the present time. As an aspiring student of the sustainable resource management master’s program I’m willing to acquire ability not only to suggest solutions to the challenges facing the international community but also put them into practice in most effective way. All in all I am convinced International program as no other provides insight into most advanced concepts and innovative techniques for managing resources within sustainable development.
My bachelor’s program had a strong emphasis on energetics. During the last year of my bachelor’s studies I’ve revealed a strong interest in sustainable development and environmental issues. Consequently the topic of my thesis was “European market of the alternative energy”. I studied sources of information ranging from industry's specific periodicals to interdisciplinary normative and methodological literature striving for an innovative research. As a result, my thesis was distinguished for practical and veracious conclusions obtained due to mathematical approach.
To acquire the factual knowledge needed for the basis of my thesis research from the primary sources I studied numerous sources of information both in English and German languages and now I am conversant with the paradigm of sustainability. This will surely allow me to percept and analyze the information given to the participants of the sustainable resource management program and get the most of my international studies.
While analyzing various aspects of energetics I defined fields of concentration in which deeper knowledge and subject specific mentorship is required to verify speculations emerged from my research. Thus one of two concentration fields should definitely be Environmental Economics and Policy, which is closely related to my thesis, as well as advantageous for my professional perspectives. Willing to take this module I aim at broadening economic view of environmental issues and advancing in wider range of methods to simulate effect of incentives. I am anticipating, that this module will provide me with more assessment tools to percept the natural resources, legal field, industry as a coherent system, in which each component being changed puts the system’s equilibrium point in motion.
Summarizing all the above, I am choosing the sustainable resource management international program at TUM to accomplish well-defined professional goals, satisfy academic interest and deepen area expertise. My academic background not only allows making a reasonable choice of master’s program but also will facilitate my getting the most of this program.

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