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Is gun control a good thing ?

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Definition and introduction:
The notion “idea of progress” deals with the idea that the world and the society can evolve positively in terms of sciences, technology, living condition, etc. But these ideas bring debates and the gun issue is often topical in the US because American are allowed to carry firearms and has a high rate of murders.

First of all, we studied a poster which represent the number of victims killed by guns every year in 7 developed countries. The United States is the last country in the list with 9484 victims each year far behind the penultimate country with 200 victims each year. There is also a slogan “God bless America” a popular sentence which contrast with the rate of victims. The goal of the poster is to warn the American about the gun’s danger. It’s a Brady Campaign’s poster which is a movement against gun laws and try with this poster to raise people’s awareness to the gun’s issues in the US.
This document sensitizes about the danger of the weapons which can make bloodbaths deliberately or also accidentally.

The second document we studied it’s a report from ABC News. According to the report, 1 in 3 homes has a loaded firearm so that’s 1.7 million children who live with unlocked and loaded firearms. The document presents an experiment that was carried out in an elementary school. But regardless on the NRA safety message, facing a gun several children can’t resist to take the gun and even look down the barrel beneath their parents’ very eyes. Then a journalist go to a mother’s house who thinks her 4-year-old son doesn’t know she has a gun, even she hides it. But surprisingly the little boy knows exactly where she hides her gun. The report shows that parents shouldn’t have guns and underestimate the curiosity of their children. The children watch a lot of videos or movies with guns and know how it works. So, the guns need to be locked and unloaded at least but the better choice is to not have to avoid unintended familicide.
Today technology brings more safety to weapons like fingerprint recognition to use it, but it can also has the opposite effect.

Finally, we studied another report of ABC News about undetectable weapons. These weapons are made of plastic, looks like toys but are killing weapons and can easily be reproduce with a 3D printer and instructions available online. They have some metal part but they can easily be removed and set off metal detectors. A journalist brings one of these gun for an experiment very close of the Israeli’s Prime Minister. It’s for the authorities a real nightmare because these weapons are invisible and make the threat more undetectable. This technology is easy to get so anyone can make these weapons which aren’t illegal as long as you include enough metal.

In conclusion, the US must enhance their laws to reduce the number of murders which is weighty. The laws need to change by the way of an evolution of mentalities and a better prevention including a kids’ prevention who are exposed to the weapons very young. The technology can help for a better use of the weapons but the technology keep moving and go further with the plastic guns which are a real threat but a legal threat, therefore once again the laws need to be change.

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