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the first action passed a laboratory of the bacteriologist's house and the plot centered round two person: a bacteriologist nad his visitor.
a pale stranger arrived with a letter of introduction from a good friend of the scientist. he was having deep interest in bacteriology and the scientist didn't miss the opportunity to show him his laboratery and a new discovery of cholera - the colera germ.
the young man didn't use to this kind of things and hanged on the bacteriologist's lips, looking down the microscope. He couldn't believe the bacteria to be so small to agrow in the number and to kill the population of any big city. The pale-faced man decided to ask if those alive or dangerous. He sood up and took up one of several sealed tubes. The bacteriologist commented on that they were not and had already been killed and described the power of cholera in the active state, saying what a terrible epidemic could be caused if a tube with living bacteria were to be opened into the water supply. he imaged everyone's death so beautifully, the fatality which could be everywhere and nobody could escape from. The pale faced man's eyes shone. because, in his opinion, such the terrible thing could replace a bomb. Their conversation was broken by a knock on the door by bacteriologist's wife. The scientist's wife calls him away for a moment; when the scientist returns, the visitor is ready to leave and the bacteriologist sew him out.
when the scientist was one, thinking of his visitor, he stressed that the man concerned himself with a vial containing living bacteria and called him 'a strange fellow'.
the scientist realizes the vial of bacteria is missing. being nervous, he asked Minnie if she saw something that he could be holding during the speaking. She said she didn't, then everything became clear, the visitor might have stolen the tube. He ran out in a panic, saw the visitor's cab was leaving, and being barefoot, hatless, hailed another cab to give chase. The scientist's wife, thinking that her husband had gone mad, was following the action at the window and, horrified by his inappropriate dress and hurry, drived in a third cab, with her husband's shoes and coat and hat. A cabman, adding irony to the situation, responded to a request to find a gentelman running about in a velveteen coat and no shoes, in the most matter-of-fact way, as if he drove to this address every day in his life.
The passers-by were surprised to see three cabs racing one aftea other. The man in the first cab, exulting to his terrible plan, was holding it in his hand. He had only to make sure of the water supply and to break the little tube into a reservoir. How brilliantly he planned it, forged the letter of introduction and got into the laboratory, and how brilliantly he had seized his opportunity! The world should hear of him at last. The anarchist seemed to me an insecure person. This is perhaps typical of a person in a society whom commits a crime because of the way he thought people neglected and ignored him. He was afraid of being caught and promised to give more money to thecabman, if they got away. Though the tube was broken, when the cab swayed. there are Some drops on his hand and the man decided to became the first killed by the bacillus. He implied that it could be a wondeful deth and ingested the stolen bacteria.
He had more no reason to escape the bacteriologst and told the cabman to stop and got out, posing and waiting for the scientist. When they saw one another the pale-faced man declared, that it was too late and he drunk it. The bacteriologist had no wonder and was about to say something more, but he controled himself, seeing the man was going away towards Waterloo Bridge.
when his wife caught up with her husband, he told her what happened.
There are a twist: the vial didn't contain cholera, the only known effect of which was to make the skin of the animals exposed to it turn bright blue.
As for as Minnie, she just cared about her and the bacteriologist appearance, she went after tis husband just to give him his coat and hat so nobody didn't see the scientist in the streets as he was.

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